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Vixen Telescopes and Mounts
Vixen Quality Telescopes and Mounts

Vixen NEW VSD Astrophotography Telescope

Vixen Polarie Star Tracker Mount
Vixen Cases for Telescopes, Mounts and more
Vixen R130Sf Telescope and Porta II Mount   Vixen A80Mf Telescope and Porta II Mount
Vixen AX103 Refractor Telescope
Vixen Japanese made
ED Apochromatic

Vixen Equatorial Telescope Mounts
Innovative and reliable Equatorial Mounts
$100 Instant Rebate on Sphinx Mounts!
Vixen VMC20L
Vixen Reflectors
Unique Cassegrain System
Vixen Grab and Go Telescopes
Grab and Go Observing
Vixen BT125 Astronomical Binocular
Vixen Binocular Telescopes
See the
Vixen SLV Eyepieces
Vixen Eyepieces
New SLV Series
Vixen Geoma Spotting Scopes
Vixen Geoma Spotting Scopes
Rated Top in their Class
Vixen Binoculars
Vixen Binoculars
Superb Views through Precision Optics
What kind of Astronomer are You?
Vixen's telescopes and mounts for the Beginning Astronomer provide stable platforms and superior optics. The Serious Observer can choose from a variety of telescopes and mounts to enhance your viewing experience. For the Lifelong Astronomer, Vixen's Japanese made telescopes and mounts provide extraordinary viewing experiences. Not sure which product is best? How to Choose a Vixen Telescope and Mount will point you in the right direction.
Vixen Optics is the North American Distributor for Vixen Telescopes, Mounts, Binoculars and Spotting Scopes.  The quality of Vixen products is well known in Japan, where the company has been producing superior optical products for over 60 years.  Vixen’s interchangeable systems allow users to swap out telescopes and mounts as the need arises.  Each Vixen telescope is meticulously crafted using high quality glass and coatings to deliver a superior viewing experience.  Vixen’s assortment of “Go-To” mounts provides options for the consumer.  The New Sphinx SXD2 Mount and the STARBOOK TEN Hand Controller are innovative in the field. Sports Optics products feature the same quality optics and coated glass found in the large telescopes. View the full line of Vixen Rifle Scopes Here. Vixen’s quality control assures the user of a trouble free purchase.  Vixen products are available through Vixen Optics Authorized Dealers.
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Vixen NA140SS Telescope Vixen Sphinx SXD2 Telescope Mount Vixen Sphinx SXP Telescope Mount