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STAR BOOK UPDATE Ver.2.1 (May 07,2009)
  • Program correction
  • Smoother motor behaviors at tracking

Contents of the Update Program <Ver.2.1>

・In the previous version of the program, volume settings were not saving. Installation of this update will enable you to retain the current volume setting .

・Operation of the buttons becomes smoother and motor tracking is improved

Change in the description of Pluto: The description of Pluto has been changed to "Pluto (dwarf planet)" in accordance with the classification change.

Program correction: Before installation of this update, the STAR BOOK exhibited issues with the automatic go-to system and unstable tracking with the SXD Mount

PEC Function: Accurate auto-tracking of celestial objects is possible.

»Instruction Manual for PEC Function

Go-To Function -Comets

The go-to system for comets can be implementedby entering the comet's orbital elements. The method used in this function is the same as in the simple go-to function for comets released in the past.

»Instruction Manual for Go-To Function for Comets

Go-To Speed Control (*1)

The speed of celestial go-to system can be reduced to about 1/2 of the original speed. It reduces the noise produced when go-to function is performed.

*1…The function is available in SXD mounts and specific SX mounts which have a remodeled motor control board. The function is not available in SXW/SXC mounts which have the original motor control board. (Not displayed in the menu.) .

» Go-To Speed Control

Display the names of Bright Stars and Messier Objects can be displayed on the screen. The manner of displaying the names can be selected from "Always ON","Always OFF"and steps at zooming.

»Display Settings


Change the motor speed in the initial setting screen: The motor speed can be changed in the initial setting screen. It enables you to set a suitable motor speed separately for adjusting the telescope direction by slow motion, adjusting the finderscope, or observing the landscape.

» Operation for Motor Speed Varying Function

The Display Function for Confirmation Dialogs: Once you select the go-to system you can select in which mode to run the mount (Chart/Scope)

» Display Function of Confirmation Dialog

Home Position Function: When your observating session is complete, a simple procedure will turn your scope back to the initial position by the simple procedure. For the models without Decl. clamps, this function is helpful in resetting the telescope position for the next session.

» Home Position Function

Stars with magnitude up to 7.0 are displayed.: Previous to this update the STAR BOOK had only displayed the stars up to 6.0.

Spanish language supported: The display in Spanish is available.

Turning OFF the backlight: Can be turned off during your observing session.

» OFF Function for Backlight

Auto-Guider Function

Can be used for auto-guider adapters such as AGA-1, SBIG, and SBIG ST series.

» Auto-Guider Function

Backlash Correction Function: This update corrects the backlash in SX mounts and manual operation is simple after this installation.

» Backlash Correction Function

Increasing the motion speed on screen: The speed of the motion of the screen, i.e. scrolling speed, is much faster than from the the past versions (Build 1.1 and before). Operating from the screen is now easier than before.

Adjustment of the time/date in a leap year: The program that displays time and date in a leap year can be adjusted to display correctly.

LCD adjustment setting is available: The settings for "contrast" and "brightness" can be saved. After adjusting the LCD screen, execute "save the settings" command to save each of the settings. The changes will be in effect when the power is turned off and re-started.

Update Warning

For the Sphinx mounts with original motor control board. The go-to speed varying function cannot be used in the SX euqatorial mounts (SXW and SXC mounts) equipped with the original motor control board.

※It's possible to install the program, but the functions that are unavailable will not be displayed in the menu.

How to check the motor control board on your Sphinx mount

It can be checked in the initial setup menu right after the power switch is turned to ON. Select "About STAR BOOK" with the arrow keys (↑/↓) and press "select." Either of the followings is displayed on the upper right of the screen,

  • T…(T1a3, etc)This is a mount with the original motor control board.
  • S…(S2a7, etc)This is a mount with the remodeled motor control board (new board).

Other Warning

  1. The version upgrades are provided as part of the package. A function cannot be installed separately.
  2. For the users of SX equatorial mounts: If you are using STAR BROOK Ver 1.2 and earlier versions, this update would reset the current settings of observational location and LCD intensity. Please re-enter the current settings.
  3. eCos is used in part of this software
    Based on the license issued, users can obtain the source code used in the eCos part. Please contact Vixen for the detail.


In case of any damage experienced by a customer when installing or using this softwareor or any charge sent by a third party to a customer due to the damage, the company or dealers do not take responsibility unless the customer is not responsible or the company was negligent.

Update Procedure

Before You Begin

  • Please use new batteries,AC adapter, or a stable power supply when you upgrade the current version of your STAR BOOK. Also, use a stable power outlet for the PC to which data is transferred.
  • There may be a problem with re-starting STAR BOOK if the power is turned off during an upgrading process.
  • In such cases, contact a dealer to request a repair.(additional fee)
    (Please note that the setting may be initialized during the repair. )
  • The network setting of the PC may have to be changed to update the program. Please save the settings so that they can be retrieved after the upgrade.
  • The current settings in STAR BOOK (such as Latitude/Longitude of observing location) may be initialized during a version update. Please take a note or save the settings before you start the update process.


  2. Power outlet for STAR BOOK(the outlet on which SX/SXD equatorial mount can be operated)
  3. PC to which the data is forwarded (LAN card for a model without a LAN terminal)
    ※ Please see your PC (or LAN card) manual about the detail of LAN cards.
  4. Crossover LAN cable

Applicable OS Environment of the PC

OS :
XP Home Edition, XP Professional or Windows Vista
Web Browser :
Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher
Pentium®II 400MHz and higher recommended

128MB and higher recommended.
256MB and higher recommended for Windows®
XP and Windows Vista


Download Procedure

When connecting STAR BOOK to your PC

※Click below if you are connecting STAR BOOK directly to LAN environment or a router.

» When using LAN or a router

  1. Download theSTAR BOOK update programs before connecting to a PC. Vixen Update

  2. Connect the STAR BOOK and the PC with the LAN crossover cable.
    ※ As for a connection of the LAN cable to the PC, please refer to the instructions for the PC.
  3. Turn on the STAR BOOK..
  4. Turn on the PC.
  5. Wait for a period of one minute. The STAR BOOK and PC acquire information on networking automatically.
  6. In the System Menu of the STAR BOOK, scroll down the cursor to select "About STAR BOOK" and press Select key to enter. Confirm that the following IP Address and Subnet Mask numbers are displayed.
    ・IP Address:169.254.a.b(a,b are arbitrary numbers)
    ・SubNet Mask:
  7. Double click on the downloaded program file (Such as update_v21.exe) to run the program.
    ※ In Windows Vista a dialog box shown on the left (User Account Control) comes out for warning. Select "Allow" (A) I trust this program to proceed.
  8. Enter the IP Address as you obtained at 6. Click on the OK button.
    <Ex.>For →
  9. Wait for a few minutes until the message on the left appears on the screen.
  10. Turn off the STAR BOOK to reboot. Turn on the STAR BOOK again. Scroll down the cursor to go into "About STAR BOOK". Confirm that the version is updated.
  11. Your update is finished successfully. (Go back to the previous settings of the PC if you changed for the update.)


If the procedure above does not work

※If your update is unsuccessful, follow the directions below to change settings of the PC.(For Windows XP and Windows Vista, administrator authorization is required.)

<IP Address Confirmation> (For Windows Vista)

  1. Click on Start (S) and go into Control Panel (C).
  2. Click on the Control Panel and select the icon of "Network and Sharing Center".
  3. Click on the "Manage Network Connections" in the right column.
  4. "Local Area Connection - Details"
    Confirm that the following numbers are set in the dialog box.
    ・IPv4 IP Address 169.254.a.b (a.b are arbitrary numbers)
    ・IPv4 Subnet Mask

If the numbers for your PC are different from the above numbers or if the "DHCP server is available" is selected to "NO", there is a possibility that a check mark for "Obtain IP address automatically" is removed. Follow the procedure below to change the setting and obtain the IP address automatically.

  1. Click on Start (S) and go into Control Panel (C) to select "Internet Option" in it.
  2. "Internet Properties" dialog box is opened. Select "Connection Tab - LAN Settings".
  3. Confirm that a check box for "Use Proxy Server for LAN" in the lower center is not marked. If the box is checked, remove the check mark. (Remember to return to the previous setting when you finish the download.)
  4. Go back to 6 in the above download procedure



When connecting to a LAN environment or a router

If connected to a LAN environment or a router that has a DHCP server, STAR BOOK will acquire the network address from DHCP server automatically at the startup.
Execute the followings when DHCP server exists。
If DHCP server does not exist, execute the procedure for a one-to-one connection.
(If the network environment is unknown, contact the administrator or the manufacturer of the router.)

  1. Connect STAR BOOK to a LAN environment or a router.
  2. Turn on the power of STAR BOOK.
  3. Go to the procedure 6 if using one-to-one connection.
  • ※Microsoft、Windows is the registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
  • ※Pentium is the registered trademark of Intel Corporation.

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