R200SS Reflector Telescope Accessories

ITEM #2661 Dove Tail Plate
Price $18.95
Vixen R200SS Accessories
Vixen Dovetail Tube Plate
ITEM #2961 Extension Tube

Adds 20mm of length to the R200SS Optical tube and allows attachment of a 42mm T thread to 43mm accessory. This is customarily used with optional item number 3523 for eyepiece projection photography. 42mm T-Thread and 43mm thread. 20mm in length

Price $9.95
Vixen R200SS Accessories

R200SS Extension Tube
ITEM #37226 Coma Corrector


Designed to eliminate coma in the R200SS telescope both visually and photographically. This corrector comes with a compact carry case.  Uses standard 52mm thread. T-Ring needed. *May require Item #2961 for some CCD Camers . Back focus changes to 63.5mm when using the coma corrector.

Price $99.95
Vixen R200SS Accessories

R200SS Coma Corrector
ITEM #3732 Light Baffle Hood
Vixen R200SS Accessories
Vixen Light Baffle Hood

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