Vixen's Comet App

The Comet Book App clearly shows you when and from which direction Comet ISON can be viewed.
The direction and elevation of Comet ISON can change noticeably in a day due to its fast apparent motion. The moon and a bright planet may be convenient as a guide to find the comet; nevertheless they have a large apparent motion, too.

This App determines where Comet ISON is in the sky adn when it becomes visible at your observing site.
You can easily start your observation of Comet ISON using Comet Book as a guide to the direction and elevation of the comet.

Seller Vixen Co., Ltd.
Category Education
Updated Sep 25, 2013 (iphone/ipad)
Sep 20, 2013 (Android)
Version 1.1
Size 9.6MB (iphone/ipad)
  1.0MB (Android)
Compatibility Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5
android 2.2
Vixen Comet App Vixen Comet App
The following new functions are added to Ver.1.1 Comet Book.  
Vixen Comet Tracking

Know the Best Time to View Comet

Pressing the "Select Comet" icon will display a star chart with the best time to view the Comet.

Date and Time Slide Bars

The date and time can be changed by sliding each round button of the slide bars respectively. Using the date slide bar only will show you the changed position of the comet everyday.

Play Button

Pressing the "Play" button will show you a day after day star chart from the date you have selected.

Vixen comet App

See the Present Star Chart

The star chart on the screen is synchronized with a real view of night skies for your current time and location.

The star charts can be chosen in a semicircular screen or full screen.

* The full screen star chart will display stars under the horizon.
* In iPod Touch version 4 and iPod Touch version 5, starting up Comet Book while turning the unit to the west will allow you to correctly display a direction thanks to the built-in gyrocompass.

* The specifications are subject to change without notice.

Vixen Comet Tracking
Vixen Comet Tracking

Night Vision Mode

Accessing the “Setup” menu and turning on the night vision mode will change the star chart to an red color.
This prevents your night vision from being affected by the bright screen.

Vixen Comet Tracker

Support Page

Help, support page and privacy policy are provided in the Setup menu.
The Support Page links you to the Vixen web site.

Vixen Comet Tracker

The present latitude and longitude recognized by the Comet Book.

When you view stars in the night sky, the date, time and the present latitude and longitude are essential information to know the direction and altitude of stars and comets.
The same information is necessary when you display the star charts using the Comet Book.
Pressing the “GPS Receiving Status” icon will show the location of your observing site on a simplified world map.

Vixen Comet Tracker

Updating orbital elements for Comet.

The Comet Book updates orbital elements for Comet on startup.

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