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STARBOOK S Set with Motors

The latest option for the GP2 and GPD2 mounts is the new STARBOOK S which incorporates Vixen’s legendary GoTo Star Book controller with BUILT IN STAR CHART. This shows you exactly where the telescope is pointing and displays “what’s up” right now. The included (and upgradeable) software contains a 22,000 object database giving the user an endless variety of objects to view. Included are drop down menus of different categories of celestial objects, including Stars, Planets, Messier, NGC and other famous objects. Each sub menu only lists the objects that are available to be viewed at that time. This eliminates the frustration of other GoTo systems that don’t tell you the object is below the horizon until after you have selected it. With the Vixen Starbook you will spend more time viewing and less time searching.

The package includes advanced encoded motors for accurate tracking and an auto-guider port. PEC (periodic error correction) is a standard feature.  All of this makes the GP2 and GPD2 with STARBOOK S the most affordable, quality astro-photographer’s mount available.

Vixen Star Book S Set

Vixen Mount Accessories

Features: 2.6" LCD Screen; Mount motion linked to star chart; Intuitive Operations; LAN connector port;

  • Power Consumption: STARBOOK S= 0.2A/Motors=0.8A (max)
  • Voltage: STARBOOK S= DC6V/Motors=DC12V
  • Continuous Operation Duration: STARBOOK S= Approx 8 hours with alkaline batteries/Motors=Approx 6 hours with alkaline batteries
  • Max Slewing Speed: 1,200x sidereal rate
  • CPU: 32 bit RISC type processor; Weight: 6 oz
  • Applicable Models for installation: GP2, GPD2, GP, GP-DX, GP-E

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