ITEM #2571 SX Decl. Clamp Unit
Price $189.00
Vixen Mount Accessories
Vixen SX Dec. Unit
ITEM #2573 SX Polar Axis Scope
Designed to fit in the Sphinx Mount, this polar finder scope with built in illuminator is one of the easiest and most accurate around. Use for an easy polar alignment, or you can use each ring of information to accurately align to the point of offsetting for your exact longitude. Makes getting a perfect polar alignment for astrophotography purposes much easier.

* 6 x 20 Polar Finder Scope designed for use with Vixen's Sphinx Mount
* Reticule shows placement of Big Dipper Stars and position of Polaris through the year 2025
* Weight 9 oz. and is boxed 6.25 x 3.5 x 3.5

Price $219.00
Vixen Mount Accessories

Vixen Sphinx Mount Accessories
ITEM #2574 SX Counterweight Shaft Unit
Price $159.00
Vixen Mount Accessories
SX Counterweight Shaft

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