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Dual Speed Focuser


With the installation of the Vixen Dual Speed Focuser, the rack-and-pinion focusing equipment on your Vixen Telescope can be upgraded to provide finer focus adjustments. Allows dual speed focusing with coarse and fine speed adjustments. The Dual Speed Focuser can be retrofitted to the rack and pinion focuser, by removing one of the focusing knobs attached to it. The Dual Speed Focuser allows 1/7th speed focusing and it can be attached on either side of the focusing shaft. Dual Speed Focuser Instruction Sheet.

Vixen Mount Accessories

Vixen Dual Speed Focuser

Available for the Rack and Pinion Focusers below

Vixen Dual Speed Focuser

Dual Speed Focuser on Vixen's ED81

Vixen Focuser
Metal Focus Knob
Plastic Focus Knob
Applicable Optical Tubes
Current Models A80M, A105M, NA140SSf, ED81S, ED103S, ED115S, AX103S, VC200L, VMC200L, R200SS
Previous Models: VC200LDG, A80SS, VMC200LDG, R200SSDG

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