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MT-1 RA DEC Motor

Vixen's MT -1 Motor can be used as either a right ascension or declination motor. The MT-1 Motor is controlled and powered by an optional Vixen SD-1 single axis or DD-1 dual axis drive controller. One MT-1 motor is needed for the single axis right ascension operation or two motors are required for dual-axis operation. When controlled by the DD3 controller, the accuracy of the MT-1 Motor is within +/-0.005% of the sidereal rate. The optional Item 3828 Manual Clutch, described below, is needed if manual operation of either axis is to be retained.


* Right Ascension or Declination Motor.
* Compatible with Great Polaris, Great Polaris 2,  Great Polaris D2, Great Polaris Economy, Super Polaris and Super Polaris DX Mounts
* Optional DD3 controller(37911)  required for proper use

Vixen Motor
Price: $119.00
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