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DD3 Dual Axis Controller

Vixen's DD3 dual-axis controller/drive corrector is for use with two optional #3752 Vixen MT-1 motor drives. These are compatible with the current GP Mounts, Great Polaris, Great Polaris D2, and Great Polaris Economy German Equatorial Mounts and on telescopes using these mounts.

When controlled by the DD3, the accuracy of the MT-1 motor drive is within +/0.005% of the sidereal rate. Powered by 8 user supplied D batteries, this will run for approximately 20 hours. An optional #3599 AC Adaptor is available as is an optional #3828 Manual Operation Clutch, recommended if manual turning on one or both axis is to be retained. Compatible with Cigarette lighter plug cord-SX - Item #8644.
* Provides 32X sidereal for general movement and   2X sidereal north, south, west and shutoff east for astrophotographic guiding. Includes Auto Guider Port.
* Weight 1 lb. without batteries
* Boxed 8.5 x 6.25 x 3 inches

Vixen DD3 Controller
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