ITEM #3909 Half Pillar GP Mount

This Half Pillar provides a 9" extension between the counterweight shaft or long tube refractor and the tripod legs. In several positions at lower latitudes with the counterweight shaft or just using a longer tube instrument at zenith, the tripod legs can interfere with the proper movement of the telescope. Use this half pillar to elevation and easily view objects at zenith.

Vixen Half Pillar
Vixen Mount Accessories
Price $249

* 9" extension from top of tripod
* Compatible with Great Polaris, and Super Polaris Mounts
* Fits into 2 5/16" diameter socket on top of tripod  f 4 1/8" outside diameter
* Weight 3.4 lbs unboxed 11.5 x 5 x 4.75 inches * *

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