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Universal Digital Camera Adapter

This digital camera adaptor allows intermediation between your telescope’s eyepiece and your digital camera for photos of the Moon, Planets, and Brighter Deep Sky Objects. With the addition of many photo stacking software programs, you can create incredible deep sky photos of thousands of objects.
Camera size requirements:

  • Height from bottom of camera to center of lens is between 1" - 3.7" (25mm and 95mm)
  •  Length from head of lens to the 1/4"-20 thread hole on bottom is between 1.1"-2.4" (30mm and 62mm)
  • The width between center of lens and thread is no more than 50mm


Vixen Universal Digital Camera Adapter
Price: $52.95
Vixen Car Window Mount
  * Fits eyepieces from 28mm diameter to 45mm diameter
* ABS Metal alloy construction holds sup to 4.4 lbs
* 1.25 lbs  Boxed  8.5 x 5 x 5 inches
Vixen Universal Digital Adapter

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