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ITEM #39196 Universal Digital Camera Bracket - Large Version


This bracket allows for a quick change between camera view and visual view, without removing the camera. Very handy for use iwth both telescopes and spotting scopes. (Old item #39192)

Attachable Telescopes: Outer diameter of the eyepiece is within range 1.4"-2.4" (36mm to 61mm)


Attachable Digital Cameras

Vixen Quick Camera Bracket
Price: $89.95
Vixen Car Window Mount
  • 1/4"-20 screw hole is located on the bottom of the camera
  • Weight is 10.5 oz or less. Any heavier load can cause the product to bend
  • Height of the cneter of the lens from the bottom is between .6" and 2"
  • The distance from the 1/4"-20 screw hole to the tip of the lens (at a full extension) is .7-2.8" (This applies when an NLV 20mm eyepiece is attached to the flip mirror)
  • The width between the center of the lens and 1/4-20" scrw hole (horizontally) is less than 2"(when used with a flip mirror or GLH20D eyepiece)
Vixen Quick Camera Bracket

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