ITEM #5449

Vixen Dielectric Coated 2" Diagonal

The Dielectric coating on Vixen’s new 2” Diagonal assures you of high contrast sharp images.  The  fully illuminated 2” field of view delivers true color images.  .


    • 1.25” eyepiece adapter
    • 99% reflectivity from the dielectric coated quartz glass
    • Quartz mirror 1/10th wave
    • Internal baffling to eliminate stray light
    • Machined two piece body
    • Both the 2” and 1.25” opening feature a brass compression ring that ensures a solid, secure fit
    • Compression ring ensures no damage to your optical accessories
    • End caps included

    5 Year Warranty

Vixen 2" Diagonal

Price $179

Vixen Mount Accessories

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