NA140SSf Telescope Accessories

ITEM #2680 Flip Mirror Diagonal

With an enhanced aluminum coating giving 96% reflectivity, this diagonal has much to offer.  Attach this diagonal to your telescope via a 2” threaded barrel that accepts 49mm filters. This diagonal allows use of the flip mirror to change between its standard 90 degree 1.25” eyepiece or the multi purpose eyepiece/photography port straight through, yielding 100% transmission.  This port not only fits many photo adapters but also unthreads to a standard 42mm T-Ring thread.Use with ITEM #37292 - 2" Adapter to change the port on your flip mirror.

Vixen Flip Mirror
Price $ 89.95
Vixen Telescope Accessories
ITEM #2661 Universal Dovetail Tube Plate

Use to balance your telescope with Vixen Tube Rings or third party rings. Other devices such as a camera can also be attached.


* Approximately 230mm long.
* Weight 8 ounces and unboxed 7.5 x 1.7 x 1  inches
* All holes 1/4"-20 thread

ITEM # 8616 7 x 50 Finder Scope with Built in Illuminated Reticle
Fully Multi-Coated optics with fine reticule. Many observers spend hours just looking through this finder-scope for use as their rich field viewer.  With a locking front ring to set focus this finder-scope is one of the best. Bracket or dovetail are not supplied. ; 15 ounces; boxed 11 x 2.75 x 2.5 inches
ITEM #2654 Finder Bracket Shoe
  Use with Long or short Finder Bracket
ITEM #2659 Finder Bracket Long Type
ITEM #3870 Carry Handle

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