Porta Mount Accessories

ITEM #SGTNT Train and Track Motors for Porta Mount

The Train-N-Track (TNT) system for the Porta Mount is a basic alt-az motor drive system with adjustable or trainable tracking. With alt-azimuth mounts, the motor speeds will vary greatly depending on what area of the sky you are viewing. The TNT motor drive system includes adjustable speeds on both axes and high speed centering. The friction drives also allow you to move the telescope around by hand without unlocking any clutches. You just let go and the drive takes over. With a little practice, objects can be kept in the eyepiece for 10 minutes or more.

The Porta Mount TNT is battery driven using  8 AA batteries and includes complete instructions. Installing the motors on the Porta Mount is simple. (Porta Sold Separately)
Price $279
Vixen Porta Mount Accessories

StarGuy TNT Motor for Vixen Porta II Mount
ITEM #39969 Carry Case for Porta
  Vixen Porta Mount Carry BAg Vixen Carry Case for Porta Mount
Price $79.95
Vixen Porta Mount Accessories
ITEM #5460 Triangle Accessory Tray

This Triangle Accessory tray provides a convenient place to set many of the things and amateur astronomer may be using through the night, eyepiece, chart, red flashlight etc. While not only providing a temporary storage function, this tray also increases the overall stability of the tripod and decreasing any vibrations seen through the telescope. With holes spaced approx 9.5” apart this tray fits many other non standard mounts too.

ITEM #5460
* Metal Triangular Tray
* Works GP, GP-D2, GP2, GP-DX, GP-E, Sphinx, StarGuy Alt Az, Porta (must flip knob holder) and Custom-D mounts.
* Holes approx 9.5” from each other

Price $34.95
Vixen Porta Mount Accessories

ITEM #8800 Flex Handle Porta and GP Mounts

A longer (11.5") flexible knob that can attach to all Vixen GP and Porta Mount heads. The flexible cable removes hand tremors affecting image stability when viewing at higher magnifications and in many situations makes each knob more accessible and easier to rotate. Priced individually, most users get one for each axis of movement.

Vixen Flex Handle
* Attaches to standard Vixen slow motion shaft
* Removes hand tremor shaking of mount
* Increases ease of finding knobs
* Weight 5 ounces unboxed 11.5 x 2. x 2  inches

Price $22.95
Vixen Porta Mount Accessories

ITEM #38011 Universal Plate for the Porta Mount

This plate adapts the dovetail connection on the porta to allow you to place a spotting scope or binocular on the mount.

Vixen Universal Plate for the Porta Mount
Vixen Universal Porta Plate
Price $99.95
Vixen Porta Mount Accessories
ITEM #38012 Porta II Adapter

Use to attach the original Porta Mount Head on the HAL130 SXGTripod. Weight 5 oz (Supplied with the Porta II Mount and Porta II Mount Head).
Price $41.00

Vixen Porta Mount Accessories

Vixen Porta II Adapter
ITEM #3942 Camera Tripod Adapter for PORTA

This adaptor used with the original Porta Mount and the Porta II for mounting on a tripod. 1/4" thread

Price $44.95
Vixen Porta Mount Accessories

Vixen Camera Tripod Adapter

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