VC200L Telescope Accessories

ITEM #37229

Focal Reducer VC200L F/6.4


This Focal Reducer takes the standard 1800mm(f/9) focal length down to 1278mm (f/6.4). Increasing the field of view and decreasing the exposure time to dramatically increase your density or signal to noise ratio. Optional Direct Wide Photo Adapter 60 and T-Ring or Camera Adapter 43 and T-Ring needed to mount to camera. Focal Reducer Instructions

Vixen Focal reducer
Price $249.00
Vixen VC200L Accessories
   * 38mm thick, has 56mm diameter threads with a      pitch of 0.75mm.
* Optional Camera adapters and T ring would be      needed to attach to telescope
* Weight 7 Ounces boxed 5.25 x 3.25 x 3 inches


ITEM #3880

VC200L/VMC200L Aluminum Case


Designed to protect and transport your VC200L or VMC200L Optical Tube Assembly all in one easy to carry hard case. With a durable aluminum outer shell, and locking latches this case is designed for rugged durability for your remotest of observations.

Price $399.00
Vixen VC200L Accessories
  *Unique internal padded cradle
* Locking Latches with Keys
* Weight 12 Lbs. boxed 27 X 13.5 x 11 inches

* Price $329.00

T Ring  
  Select the T Ring for your camera model
Vixen T Rings
ITEM #37221 Digital Camera Adapter
Vixen Digital Camera Adapter
Vixen Digital Camera Adapter
Price $99.95
Vixen VC200L Accessories

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