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Vixen Astronomical Binoculars

There are few things more enjoyable than viewing the night sky through Vixen's large aperture binoculars. When you use both eyes to observe, the brain automatically adjusts for small imperfections in each eye. The end result is a sharper, more natural view. Objects take on a 3D effect which is especially noticeable when viewing large nebulas and clusters. By changing eyepieces, you can view wide field star clusters or high power viewing of globular clusters. Vixen has added to its line of award winning binocular telescopes with the new BT ED70S-A, awarded a 5 Star rating from "Sky at Night" magazine. This binocular telescope features high quality ED Glass for amazing viewing.

Vixen's BT81S-A Binocular Telescope was chosen as a 2012 Star Product by Astronomy Magazine and the BT125-A Binocular Telescope was deemed "Best Tripod Astronomy Binoculars" by Optics Planet.

We also feature high quailty hand held binculars for scanning the night sky. The Ascot Superwide 10x50 Binoculars earned the Star Product Award in 2011 and the Foresta 7x50 binocular features a triplet lens design for sharp true color images.

Vixen 7x50 Foresta Binoculars
Vixen BT125 Binocular Telescope Vixen BT125 Astronomical Binocular
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