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VIXEN BT80M Binoculars (Item# 14301)

There is nothing like viewing celestial objects through a pair of large aperture binoculars. Objects take on a 3-D effect. Especially noticeable are large nebulas and clusters. And when it comes to viewing comets, there is nothing better than Vixen's BT80M binocular telescope. With the ability to interchange eyepieces, you have the opportunity to view everything from wide field star cluster to high power viewing of globular clusters or large galaxies. It’s your choice!

Clear Skies, MrStarGuy

Vixen's Binocular Telescopes provide a spectacular view of comets and star clusters. This large aperture, 80mm binoculars are great for viewing the night sky or as a terrestrial binocular for making the most out of a good view. The optics are fully multicoated for maximum light transmission. Each optical assembly is precisely aligned at the Vixen assembly plant in Japan so as to give the sharpest images possible.

The BT80M binocular telescope is portable, at just 11 lbs in weight, so that it can be taken to a dark sky location very easily. The viewer has an option of attaching any LV or LVW eyepiece to give a wide range of magnifications. BT80 Instruction Manual

* Aperture Ratio F/11.2
* Supplied with 36x magnification
* Focal length - 900mm.
* Resolving Power: 1.45 arc sec.
* Light Gathering: 131x
* 80mm multicoated optics.* Aperture : 80mm
* Field of View : 1.6 degrees
* Real Field of View: 66 arc minutes
* Exit Pupil : 2.2mm
* Weight : 5kg (11 lbs.)

Item #14301 - BT80M Binoculars
Price: $1099
Vixen BT-80 Binocular Telescope
Item #14301P1 - BT80M Binoculars w/ 2NPL25 Eyepieces
Price: $1169
Vixen BT-80 Binocular Telescope

BT-80 with fork mount/swing bracket, 2 NPL25 Eyepieces and tripod Item #38063
Vixen BT-80 Binocular Telescope
Vixen Fork Mount
Mount Type: Altazimuth Fork Mount
Maximum loading weight: 29 lbs
Function: Friction control system
Weight: 7.5lbs.
Vixen HAL130 Tripod
Vixen Swing Bracket
Item #38062 - Fork Mount $399     Vixen BT-80 Binocular Telescope
Item #25151- HAL130 Tripod $299
Vixen BT-80 Binocular Telescope
Item #3798 - Swing Bracket $199 Vixen BT-80 Binocular Telescope

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