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VIXEN BT81S-A Astronomical Binoculars

Vixen BT81S Binocular Telescope

Astronomy Star Product
Vixen BT81S Binocular Telescope
Item #14304P2 - BT81S-A Binoculars Telescope w/ 2 SLV 20 Eyepieces, Swing Arm, Fork Mount and HAL130SX Tripod
Price: $1999 NOW $1899
Vixen BT-80 Binocular Telescope

REBATE! Instant $100 Rebate when you purchase the BT81S-a with tripod and accessories.

Make a great view even better with Vixen's NEW BT81S-A Binocular Telescope. You will see spectacular views of comets and star clusters. The Magnesium Fluoride coated, air space doublet design, dramatically recuces chromatic aberration for magnificent views. This large aperture, 81mm binoculars, deliver crisp, clear images.

The BT81S-A Binocular Telescope is very portable, at just 9 lbs in weight, so that it can easily be taken to all your observing locations. Use with Vixen's SLV or LVW series Eyepieces for fantastic views.

* Aperture Ratio F/5.9
* Aperture : 81mm (3.1")
* Focal length - 480mm.
* Resolving Power: 1.43 arc sec.
* Light Gathering: 134x
* Interpupillary Distance: 2.2" to 4"
* Mount Block: Dovetail Bar for SX/GP Tripods
*Visual Back: 31.7 mm - Friction Fit
*Dimensions: 18.9 x 7.4 x 6 inches
*Features: Carry Handle, Finder Bracket
* Weight : 9 lbs

Item #14304 - $999
Vixen BT-80 Binocular Telescope
Item #14304P1 - BT81S-A Binoculars w/ 2 SLV 20 Eyepieces
Price: $1299
Vixen BT-80 Binocular Telescope

Vixen Fork Mount
Mount Type: Altazimuth Fork Mount
Maximum loading weight: 29 lbs
Function: Friction control system
Weight: 7.5lbs.
Vixen HAL130 Tripod
Vixen Swing Bracket
Item #38062 - Fork Mount $349     Vixen BT-80 Binocular Telescope
Item #25161- HAL130 Tripod $249
Vixen BT-80 Binocular Telescope
Item #3798 - Swing Bracket $149 Vixen BT-80 Binocular Telescope

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