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How are you going to view this celestial event? 
Vixen has the right scopes and binoculars to help you track, view, and photograph the comet. 

The comet was discovered by European and Russian Astronomers. Look for it in the sky between November 2013 and January 2014. It will fly within 80,000 (1.2 million km) miles of the sun . This is 100 times closer to the sun than Earth. The path may cause the comet to break up.  If the comet remains intact, it could appear brighter and bigger than the full moon, even during the day time. 
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Vixen Atrek Light Comet Binocular The New Atrek Light 6x30 BCF Binocular delivers great sharp views. Waterproof, Light Weight, Long Eye Relief.
Vixen Optics for Comet Viewing
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Vixen Geoma Ultima 9x63 Geoma Ultima 9x63
Superior quality Porro Prism providing the ultimate in clarity and definition
Vixen Optics for Comet Viewing
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YEveryone is an Astrophotographer with
Vixen's Polarie Star Tracker

No astro imaging experience necessary.
No telescope needed.
Vixen Polarie Star Tracker Mount
PAN STARs comet using PolarieDaragh McDonough's comet image
Telescope and Mount Combinations to make Your viewing experience amazing!
Vixen Space Eye 50 telescope Vixen Space Eye 70 Telescope Vixen R130 Telescope Vixen VMC200L Telescope
Vixen BT81-A Binocular Telescope
Space Eye 50 Space Eye 70
Entry level telescopes with advanced features. Great childrens' first telescope.
32751             32752
$99.95          $139.95
Vixen Telescopes and Mount     Vixen Telescopes and Mount
Portable with razor sharp optics; a favorite for observers.

Vixen Telescopes and Mount
Wide views from the large 8" aperture and accurate tracking with the Sphinx SXW Mount
Vixen Telescopes and Mount

Great views of the comet and other celestial wonders.

Vixen Telescopes and Mount

Small enough to travel...big enough for spectacular views.
Vixen Ascot Super Wide
Vixen Foresta 7x50 Triplet
Vixen Geoma 8x56
Vixen Giant ARK Binoculars
The widest field possible in a 10x binocular.

Vixen Telescopes and Mount
Edge to edge sharpness and true color.
Vixen Telescopes and Mount
Portable compact Porro Prism with PFM (perfect multi coating)
Vixen Telescopes and Mount
Attach to your tripod for long hours of great viewing.
$699 - $999
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