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Vixen's Innovative Equatorial Mounts

Smooth precise tracking, Sturdy Observing Platform, Easy to use. Vixen Optics Equatorial Mounts track objects in accordance with the motion of the earth. Great for long observing sessions. The GP Mount Series can incorporate motors for smooth tracking. The New SX2 Mount features the NEW STAR BOOK ONE Hand Controller with the ability to use the STAR BOOK TEN Controller, found on the Sphinx SXD2 and Sphinx SXP Mounts. Sphinx Mounts are now available with either the STAR BOOK ONE or STAR BOOK TEN!

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  Vixen SX2 Equatorial Mount
NEW AP (Advanced Polaris) Mount   NEW! SX2 Equatorial Mount
Customize Vixen's Newesr Equatorial Mount to your observing needs.   Our newest in the long line of superior Sphinx Mounts, the SX2 features the NEW STAR BOOK ONE Hand Controller.
Starting at $899
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    Starting at $1599
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Vixen Sphinx SXD2 Mount
Vixen's New Sphinx SXP Mount
Redesign improves stability and precison and adds the amazing STAR BOOK TEN.

Starting at $2499

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  Combining all the features that the serious astronomer has been waiting for: Permanent PEC, Night Vision Mode, and a 270,000 Object Database.
Starting at $3099

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Vixen AXD Equatorial Mount
AXD Mount
Taking Vixen's equatorial mounts to a new level. Sturdy, increased weight capacity and the STAR BOOK TEN.

Vixen Beginner Telescopes
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