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Perfect Holiday Gifts
Astrophotography for Anyone! Telescope for "Grab and Go" or Deep Sky Viewing.
Monoculars and Binoculars for all adventures.
Choose from the selections below or check out all of Vixen's products to find your perfect gift!
Vixen Polarie Star Tracker
Everyone can be an Astrophotographer
No astro imaging experience necessary. No telescope needed.
Vixen Polarie Star Tracker Mount

Grab and Go - Quality Optics ...Low cost
Vixen has a wide variety of Grab and Go Telescopes and Mounts.
Click on each item for more information

Vixen Nature Eye Telescope
Vixen's Space Eye 50 Telescope
Vixen Space Eye 70 Telescope
Vixen VMC95 Reflector Telescope  and Mini Porta Mount
Take Nature Eye to all your outdoor activities
Vixen Telescopes and Mount
Everything needed to start your family on a trip to the moon.
Vixen Telescopes and Mount
Entry level telescope with advanced features.
Vixen Telescopes and Mount
The ultimate
Grab and Go Package.
Vixen Telescopes and Mount
Small Scopes...Big Performance.
Mix, Match and Find Your perfect combination.
Vixen A70Lf Refractor Telescope
Vixen A80Mf Refractor Telescope
Vixen R130Sf Newtonian Reflector Telescope
Vixen VMC110L Reflector Telescope
Great introductory telescope with all glass optics.

Vixen Telescopes and Mount
Favorite introductory scope.
Great resolution.
Vixen Telescopes and Mount
Lightweight and portable 5" Newtonian Reflector.
Vixen Telescopes and Mount
Tack sharp 4.3" Modified Cassegrain for deeper sky views.
Vixen Telescopes and Mount
Vixen A70Lf Refractor Telescope and Porta II Mount
Vixen A80Mf Telescope and Porta II Mount
Vixen R130Sf Reflector and Porta II Mount
Vixen VMC110L Reflector Telescope and Porta II Mount
The most affordable starting packages.
$269 / $349
Vixen Telescopes and Mount      Vixen Telescopes and Mount
Perfect for learning the sky.

Vixen Telescopes and Mount
Portable with razor sharp optics; a favorite for observers.
Vixen Telescopes and Mount
One of the best multi purpose grab and go telescopes.
Vixen Telescopes and Mount

Sports Optics for all Adventures

Vixen has a wide variety of Binoculars to please the most demanding person on your holiday list.
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vixen Waterproof Binocular Vixen Arena Binoculars'
Vixen Monoculars Vixen Compact Binoculars
Waterproof - Pink, Blue or Yellow. Great Value!
Compact multi coated binoculars travel easily.
Vixen BT81 Binocular Telescope
Vixen Geoma Spotting Scope
Vixen ARK Binoculars Vixen Ascot Super Wide Binoculars

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