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Vixen was the first to introduce the Go-To Mount and created the Universal Dove Tail Plate System, an industry standard for telescope mounting. Vixen Telescopes and Mounts are interchangeable, to allow you the best combination for your observing session. Just introduced, the New Sphinx SX2 Mount with the new STAR BOOK ONE Controller.

Vixen's Alt Azimuth Mounts feature horizontal and vertical controls designed to easily point your telescope at your target object. Lightweight and portable, these mounts are adaptable for spotting scopes and binoculars. Great for terrestrial observing. The Porta II Mount and Mini Porta Mount feature full circle slow motion controls and flexible handles. The new New Sphinx SX2 Mount combines the best elements of Vixen Mounts to bring you a rock solid observing base.!

Vixen's Equatorial Mounts allow you to track an object in accordance with the rotation of the earth over an extended period of time. The GP2 Mount and GPD2 Mount are easy to operate and designed for both the celestial and terrestrial observer. They can be upgraded with motors for smooth accurate tracking. NOW, introducing the newest addition to Vixen's family of GoTo Mounts, the newest in Vixen's line of STAR BOOK Controlled Mounts, the NEW SXD2 Mount and SXP Mounts with the revolutionary Hi Definition STAR BOOK TEN Hand Controller. And the pinnacle of the Go to Mounts, the AXD Mount that can load up to 75lbs.

Vixen Polarie Star Tracker
Highly Accurate and compact Astrophotography Mount
Vixen Polarie Star Tracker
Everyone can be an Astrophotographer!
NEW! Sphinx Mounts are available with either the STAR BOOK ONE or THE STAR BOOK TEN! Your choice.
Vixen's Sphinx SXP Mount
Vixen Sphinx SXD2 Telescope Mount
Vixen's NEW STAR BOOK TEN Hand Controller with High Def 5" screen, Night Vision Mode, Auto Guider Ready
ALTAZIMUTH MOUNTS- The Porta II Mount Family
Vixen Mini Porta Altazimuth Mount
Vixen Porta II Head
Vixen Porta II Altazimuth Mount
StarGuy Alt Az Pro
StarGuy Alt Az Mount with Wood Tripod
VIXEN EQUATORIAL MOUNTS- Manual or Motor Controlled
Vixen GP2 Photo Guider GP2 Equatorial Mount Vixen GPD2 Telescope Mount Vixen Sphinx SX2 Mount
GP2 Photoguider Mount GP2 Mount GPD2 Mount NEW Sphinx SX2 Mount
VIXEN EQUATORIAL MOUNTS - GoTo Star Chart Navigation
Vixen sphinx SXW Mount Vixen Sphinx SXD2 Telescope Mount Vixen's Sphinx SXP Mount  
Vixen AXD Mount
Sphinx SXD2 Mount  
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