Vixen AXD Mount & High Definition STARBOOK TEN

A New Standard for the Discriminating Astronomer

Through April 30, 2015 INSTANT REBATE UP TO $1400 on purchase of the AXD Mount with a Vixen optical tube. See the packages below.

The sleek design of the AXD Equatorial Mount covers innovative gearing (View here) for superior performance. Controlled by Vixen's new STAR BOOK TEN, the AXD combines all the features that the serious astronomer has been waiting for. The AXD Mount was names a 2011 Star Product by Astronomy Magazine. Read what Astronomy Magazine wrote about the AXD Mount.

TEN in Japanese means "The Heavens" and this mount will get you there with ease. With observatory quality controls, popular objects appear on the High Definition screen and the AXD "SEE-TO" Technology shows you the sky before the GO-TO sends you there. With the ability to zoom to any area you can easily find your target object. When you have viewed all 270000 objects, you can enter and save your own discoveries. No computer needed with the STAR BOOK TEN. Add the Advance Unit, ann expansion unit designed for the STAR BOOK TEN controller. The installationof the Advance Unit in the STAR BOOK TEN controller enhances your autoguiding capabilities. Withthis unit installed you can view an image from a CCD-based imaging camera, record to or play back from a SD/SDHC card and adjust the shutter exposure controls of a DSLR camera.

The new Astro Imaging capabilities of the STAR BOOK TEN include integrated video imaging and Video Auto Guiding. With the Zoom In feature for guiding and planetary observing, you can lock on an object, capture the image, and save it to stack later. The full metal construction of this observatory quality mount incorporates bronze 135mm 270 tooth RA Gear and 21 Needle Bearings (13 on RA Axis & 8 on DEC Axis). With all these features and Permanent PEC, Night Vision Mode, and a 270,000 Database the STAR BOOK TEN with the NEW AXD Mount is a revolutionary design for telescope mounts. See the New STAR BOOK TEN in action. Covered by Vixen's 5 Year Warranty and manufactured in Japan.

More Features of the AXD Mount

AXD Mount Specifications
DEC Slow Motion

216 tooth full circle micro-movement gear, 108mm diameter, brass wheel

Worm Gears
14mm diameter, brass
R.A. Axis
50mm diameter, A7075 Aluminum alloy
DEC Axis
50mm diameter, A7075 Aluminum alloy
Number of Bearings
21 pieces (6 for the R.A Azis, 4 for the DEC Axis, 2 each for the R.A. and DEC worm gear shafts, 2 each for the R.A. and DEC super gears, 3 peieces for the R.A. setting circle)
R.A. Setting Circle
10 minute increments, accessible to 1 minute by vernier reading
DEC Setting Circle
2° increments, accessible to 10 minutes (about 0.167°) by vernier reading
Polar Axis Scope
Built in 6x20mm scope, FOV: 8°; Bubble level, Illuminated reticle; Setting Accuracy within 3 minutes; Time graduation circle: 10 minutes increments between 16h and 8h (the following day); Date graduation circle: 2 day increments; Meridian offset circle: adjustable between E20° and W20° in 5° increments; Northern Hemisphere: Polaris pattern with reticle (Applicable to yar 2025); Southern Hemisphere: Octantal 4 stars pattern with reticle
Azimuth Adjustment
Coarse setting: 360°; Fine Adjustment: About 7°, Twin tangent screws/knobs:  About 1° per rotation
Altitude Adjustment
Latitude between 0° and 70° (3 divided adjustments, +-15° per zone), 2° increments, 3 altitude zones (For high, middle, and low latitude) Twin T-bar handles: 0.5° per rotation
Drive Motor
Stepping (Pulse) Motors with 400PPS
Automatic Slewing/Tracking
GO TO with STAR BOOK TEN, maximum 800x sidereal rate/Precision tracking with micro-step motion control system
Maximum Payload
30 kg (66 lb)  (750kgs, cm torque load: About 30kgs at a point of 25cm from the fulcrum)
D-SUB 9PIN Male Plug
Electricity Terminal
DC12V EIAJ RC5320A Class4
Power Source
DC12V:  0.4 – 1.7A
18x18.3x 6 Inches (457x465x152 mm)
55 lbs (25kdg) without counterweight
15.4lb (7kg)


Vixen AXD Mount with STAR BOOK TEN

Vixen AXD Mount and Starbook Ten

Learn more about the revolutionary new STAR BOOK TEN Here

AXD Mount Tripod
Vixen AXD Tripod

AXD Mount
Vixen Porta Mount
AXD Half Pillar
$ 549
Vixen Porta Mount
Vixen AXD Half Pillar
AXD Counterweight 1.5kg
Vixen Porta Mount
Vixen AXD Counterweight
AXD Counterweight 3.5kg
 $ 149
Vixen Porta Mount
Vixen AXD Counterweight
AXD Counterweight 7.0kg
Vixen Porta Mount
Vixen AXD Counterweight
AXD Large Accessory Plate $ 399 Vixen Porta Mount
Vixen AXD Accessory Plate
AXD P85 Pillar
Vixen Porta Mount
AXD Tripod
$ 1499
Vixen Porta Mount
STAR BOOK TEN & M51 image and description            STAR BOOK TEN Sun & Planet Image     •    Night Vision Mode
STAR BOOK TEN High Definition Screens
Vixen STAR Book 10
Vixen AXD Mount
Purchase your AXD Mount with one of these high quality telescopes and rebate up $1400!
AXD Mount & AX103S Refractor AXD Mount & AX103S Refractor AXD Mount & VMC260L Reflector AXD Mount & VMC260L Reflector
with AXD-TR102 Tripod with AXD-P85 Pillar with AXD-TR102 Tripod with AXD-P85 Pillar
AX103S Info AX103S Info VMC260L Info VMC260L Info
g Price $11250 Price $10,775
Price $11,350
Price $12,000
Vixen Porta Mount Vixen Porta Mount Vixen Porta Mount Vixen Porta Mount

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