Star Guy Alt Az Wood Mount (SG5863WL)

StarGuy Alt-Az Telescope Mount

StarGuy Alt Az Wood
Vixen Porta Mount

Combining the best parts of various Vixen Mounts, we have created the StarGuy Alt Az Wood Mount. This easy to use mount combines quality components for superior stability. Our StarGuy Mount is a great companion to your telescope system.

Clear Skies,

Brian (MrStarGuy) Deis

The StarGuy Alt Az Wood Mount features the Vixen Porta II Head on the sturdy Berlebach wood tripod. This mount has all the elements of Vixen's award winning Porta II Mount, Slow motion controls, Dovetail attachment and handy tool kit. We have paired this with the incredibly sturdy wood tripod that includes a wood accessory tray, telescoping legs and safety chain. This also includes 2 long slow motion handles for easy manual tracking of your target object.

Vixen Dovetail Attachemnt
Vixen Porta II Mount Tool Set
Simple Dove Tail attachment system
Convenient Tool Set


StarGuy Alt Az Wood



Berlebach Wood Tripod; Height: 26.8" to 43.7"; Weight 18 lbs

Mount Weight

21 lbs

Load Capacity

20 lbs

Vertical and Horizontal Slow Motion

120 Tooth Wheel Gears whole circle movement; Friction control system

Telescope Attachment

Dove Tail Plate


Flexible Slow Motion Handles (2), Wood Accessory Tray, Tool Kit

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