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Vixen Atlux Equatorial Mount (Item #3690)

A Superior German Equatorial Mount for Advanced Astronomers

The ATLUX Mount is a midsized Go-To equatorial mount that incorporates the STAR BOOK Hand Controller. The mount is designed and manufactured to offer the best slewing and tracking performance in an easily transportable package.

The counterweight shaft is retractable for transport and storage. With a maximum load weight of 75 lbs. , the Atlux is ideal as a solid platform for long exposure astrophotography. Accuracy, smooth & quiet operation and an sleek design make the Atlux attractive to astronomers of all levels.

A leading Chinese Astronomy publication states...

"We selected several celestial objects and were able to locate them near the center of the field of view. This exhibited a go-to precision much higher than most equatorial mounts. We additionally inserted Messier galaxies dispersed between the constellations Virgo and Coma Berenices. We were able to effectively trace Messier objects throughout the whole field of view since the objects were displayed on a star map in the LCD screen. This feature improves performance and visibility over an automatic go-to controller with only a text display. "

Vixen Atlux Mount
Vixen Atlux Mount and NA140 Telescope


Features and menu options are displayed on the large color screen and are easily navigated with simple buttons on the controller. The STAR BOOK is amazingly easy to use and makes the ATLUX accessible to a wide range of ages and experience levels. The Chinese publication goes on to state....



"The periodic motion of a New ATLUX equatorial mount without PEC.


The periodic motion with PEC. 

The actual periodic motion was recorded.The image shows the motion for 2 worm-gear periods in sidereal-time driving for 16 minutes. The star image is blurred due to a very strong wind, but there are few small-scale variations in the periodic motion with +/- 8 arc seconds. PEC function was also used to record data with a 200-x tracking correction. The result showed a dramatically powerful correction." (Approximately +/- 2 arc seconds)

ATLUX Mount Features

Atlux Accessories
Item #3661  DP95 Duralumin Tripod     $899
Item #5451 DP150 Duralumin Tripod $1099
Item #3662   P70 Pillar $799
Item #5603 P110 Pillar $999
Item #8782 Atlux Accessory Plate $499
 Item #8783 Atlux Tube Plate $199
 Item #8779 Atlux Base Plate $92.95
 Item #3810 Dovetail Plate Mounting Block$59.95
 Item #5650 Atlux Connection Plate $139

Price: $ 4999
Vixen Atlux

NOW Available: STAR GPS - Add GPS to your Vixen Star Book

R.A Slow Motion Axis

180 tooth wheel gears whole circle movement  

DEC slow motion axis

180 tooth wheel gears whole circle movement    

R.A Coordinates Display

On the screen of STAR BOOK, 0.1 min. increments  

DEC Coordinates Display

On the screen of STAR BOOK, 0.1 arc min. increments  

Polar Axis Scope

6x20mm, wide 8 degrees field of view  

Altitude Adjustment

0 deg. to 72 deg. ( 2 degree increments, 3 step elevation)  

Azimuth Adjustment

Double-screw fine adjustment  
Telescope control system STAR BOOK Controller  
Power Source DC12 volts, 0.4 to 1.7 amperes  
Maximum loading weight 75 lbs.  
Counterweight 3.5 kg (7.71 lbs) x 1 and 7 kg (15.4 lb) x 1  


19.7 kg (43.4 lb) without counterweight



Atlux Polar Axis Scope Instructions

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