Vixen Mini-Porta Altazimuth Mount

For so many years the beginning astronomer was forced to buy a mount that was unstable and almost useless when viewing at high power. More often than not, the frustration of using an unstable mount resulted in the telescope only being used for one night and being left in a closet to collect dust. The Porta Altazimuth Mount changed all that. It is one of Vixen's proudest designs. The combination of smooth movement, rigid design and stable platform makes your first use a pleasure and will bring you back to view more and more of the night sky.

Clear Skies,


The Vixen Mini-Porta altazimuth mount comes equipped with two fine adjustment handles for whole circle slow motion in both directions, very useful in searching and tracking celestial objects. In addition, these are great mounts for terrestrial viewing. Our gear drives make it a simple matter to precisely track a planet or a ship on the horizon by simply turning the elevation and or azimuth control handles. This sturdy observing base weighs just 6 lbs but will hold scopes up to 8 lbs. The “World-Standard” dovetail attachment system on the Mini PORTA Mount was developed by Vixen. This allows the Mini PORTA to accept various dovetail mounted telescopes. Mount binoculars with our Porta Multi Plate (item #38011)

Vixen Mini Porta Mount
Vixen Porta Mount
Vixen Mini Porta Mount
Vixen Dovetail
Vixen Mini Porta Mount Tools
Vixen Mini Porta Mount Tray
Manually point your telescope and friction holds your position.
Vixen's Universal Dove Tail attachment system allow you to mount a variety of telescopes.
Built in Tool Kit Compartment
Handy tray for eyepieces and cameras



Mini Porta Altazimuth Mount


Aluminum 2 section adjustable; 70cm to 128cm

Mount Weight

10 lb including tripod

Load Capacity

8 lbs (Optical Tube diameter less than 119mm)

Vertical and Horizontal Slow Motion

Worm and Wheel Gears with 90 tooth whole circle movement; Friction control system with tools for tension adjustment

Telescope Attachment

Dove Tail Plate


Slow Motion Handles (2)

Vixen Porta Adapter
Vixen Porta Handles
Porta Multi Plate
Item #3942 - Camera Tripod Adapter
(1/4 in. thread)
Vixen Porta Mount
Item #8800 - Long flexible slow motion handle.
Vixen Porta Mount
Item #38011 - Adapter to hold a field scope or large binocular. $99.95
Vixen Porta Mount
Your Mini PORTA Alt Az Mount can be purchased as a complete package with Vixen's A70Lf or VMC95L.

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