Vixen Polarie Star Tracker

Abe Snider near Wellington, New Zealand. ISO2500, f/4, 78 Seconds Sagittarius by Folch ©Meteor Crashing over Halema'uma'u Crater - Hawaii
by John Mowbray
Sagittarius by Martin Folch
Polarie captures the Comet Panstarrs Nebula by Alan Dang - Canon 100 Macro
18 x 3 minute exposures, ISO1600
Polarie Photos of PanStars Polarie Image by Alan Dang
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The image on the right by Padraic Koen

Using a Vixen Polarie Star Tracker, I took this un-post-processed 300 second photo with a Canon 450d and 18mm f/3.5 Tamron lens at ISO 800 on 8 Sept, 2013, 20 kms west of Emerald, Queensland, Australia.

Click on the image for a larger view

3 Galaxies with Vixen Polarie Star Tracker

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Share Your Universe with The Vixen Polarie Star Tracker for Astrophotography.  This compact mount platform allows you to capture night scapes and star images with elegance and ease. David Snay writes in Astronomy Technology Today "If you are looking for an ultra-light, portable platform to use for wide field astrophotography, the Polarie definitely deserves serious consideration" Read the whole article Here.

Set up is simple and fast!   The Polarie attaches to a standard camera tripod and can accept any digital camera weighing up to 7 lbs. Using the included compass on the Polarie star tracker mount, orient the mount to face north.  This easy to use mount features a  North Star alignment window that you point at Polaris. The Polarie can also use a polar scope for alignment.  Once set, the Polarie tracks with the motion of the stars to eliminate “star trailing” on your photos resulting in sharp images of the Universe.  The Polarie uses very accurate stepping motors and operates on any 2 “AA” batteries.

The Polarie is designed to not only be functional, but also to be compact and attractive, with its sleek design. The unit has no visible screws and although, not waterproof, it is designed to function in most weather conditions. In the March 2012 edition of Skyand Telescope Magazine Richard Tresch Fienberg wrote "Vixen definitely has a winner here. Polarie makes long exposure constellation phtography easier than ever". You can also purchase your Polarie with our Smart Phone Adapter. See Polarie in Action with Starry People.

Polarie image
The image on the right was taken by Josh Knutson. He states "this is an astounding product.  This is the most portable imaging platform I have seen.  It is so compact that it makes a Netbook look cumbersome.  The precision is spot on.  The Polarie is a serious contender.  For the price, it should be a no-brainer decision for the casual or serious astrophotographer who is looking for a lightweight platform to travel with." The image was captures with a full spectrum modified Canon T1i, 50mm EF Lens@f/3.5,30 minutes total integration time in collaboration with Salvatore Grasso.

  Polarie image
Visit Josh's Blog Post "How to dial in the Polarie Polar Scope".
The image on the left was acquired by Muralidhar Venkat on 2013/12/30 @ Keemale estates, Coorg, Karnataka, India @ the BAS star party, HDR stack of 65x60s+30x5s exposures, Canon 200mm EF L @ f/4, Astronomik CLS clip filter, CanonT2i (Baader mod) @ iso1600, Polarie star tracker on Vanguard tripod, calibrated, stacked and processed in Pixinsight. Click on the images for a larger views
Vixen Polarie Star Tracker
Polarie (Item 35505)

Vixen Porta Mount
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Milky Way by Manel Martin Folch

Milky Way over Priorat, Catalonia with Nickon D700, ISP800 70 second exposure
by Manel Martin Folch
Vixen Polarie Star Tracker
Item 35505P1: Polarie with Tripod (Camera sold separately)

Vixen Porta Mount

Vixen Polarie Astrophotography Mount
Why is Polarie so Good?
Check out the craftmanship, metal components and compact design.

Item 35505P2: Polarie with Ball Head
and Smart Phone Adapte
r $439
Vixen Porta Mount

NGC3372 by Lluís Romero

Luís Romero in the Southern Hemisphere. Image of NGC3372. Click on the image for a larger view.
Dave Wells

Dave Wells image of the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest
with the Milky Way
Rho by KnutsonRho by Knutson
Polarie Specifications
Star Tracker
Tracking Mode
Celestial tracking rate、1/2 of celestial tracking rate. Solar tracking rate (Mean solar time)、Lunar tracking rate (Mean lunar time):Usable in both northern and southern hemispheres
Wheel Gear
57.6mm diameter aluminum alloy axis with full-circle 144-tooth
Worm gear
9mm diameter high tension brass
2 pieces
Pulse Motor (Stepper Motor)
Maximum Loading weight
7 lbs
Polar sight hole
About 8.9° field of view
Standard accessory
Working voltage
2 x AA-size batteries:DC2.4~3.0V
External power supply:DC4.4~5.25V
Duration of operation
About 4hours:At 20 C (68 F) degrees temperature, a 1.5kg (3.3 lbs) loading weight with use of Alkaline batteries
95×137×58mm (3.7x5.9x2.3 inches)
1.4 lbs (without batteries)
Optional accessory
Dedicated polar axis scope for Polarie
Suggested accessory QHD-43 Ball head、QHD-33
Polarie Accessories
Item #35507 - Tripod for Polarie (can be purchased as a package with Polarie Item 35505P1)
4 section
Minimum Tripod Length
555mm (22")
Working Height
Adjustable from 540mm to 1,780mm (21.2 to 70 inches)
Elevator pole extension
Geared part:200mm (7.9”), Friction up and down part (Center column):290mm (11.4”)
Camera thread size
UNC1/4 inch
Maximum loading weight
About 3.0kg (6.6 lbs)
Tripod:1.98kg(without pan head) (4.3 lbs)
QHD-33 Ball head:130g (4.5oz)
QHD-43 Ball head:158g (5.5 oz
Vixen Porta Mount
Vixen Polarie Polar Scope Vixen Polarie Ball Head Vixen Polarie Polar Meter Vixen Polarie Smart Phone Adapter
Item #35508
Polarie Polar Scope- For more precise polar alignment and longer 5 -6 minute exposures with a short telephoto lens.
Item #35509
Polarie Ball Head QHD-33 Velbon
Item #35511
Polarie Polar Meter (More Info)
Polarie Smart Phone Adapter
PolarieTime Lapse Adapter
Vixen Porta Mount
Vixen Porta Mount
Vixen Porta Mount
Vixen Porta Mount
Vixen Porta Mount


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