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Vixen New Telescopes, Mounts and Polarie

The NEW Sensational VSD f/3.8 Astrograph!

Ultra Fast Refractor Telescope designed  for the Astrophotographer featuring a 5 Elements in 5 Group Lens design. 
This f/3.8 Telescope  is Optimized for Digital Imaging


Vixen VSD Refractor Telescope
Vixen Sphinx SXD2 Telescope Mount

Sphinx SXD2 Mount

Vixen Sphinx SXP Telescope Mount
Sphinx P Mount

Vixen Sx2 Mount

Now Available! Your Sphinx Mount with either the STAR BOOK ONE Motor Controller or the STAR BOOK TEN Star Chart Controller. Your Choice.

Vixen NEW Sphinx SXD2 & Sphinx SXP Mounts
The Mounts with all the features for the Serious Astronomer or Astrophotographer

VPEC Periodic Error Correction;Night Vision Mode; Hi Def Color Screen; Sturdy and lightweight; Precision Stepping Motors

NEW Shinx SX2 Mount

Features the New STAR BOOK ONE Hand Controller and the same high quality of these Japanese Made products.

See What all the Excitement is About....
Vixen's New Polarie Star Tracker Astrophotography Mount. Newest accessory -Time Lapse Adapter
Vixen Polarie Polar Meter
Vixen Polarie Astrophotography Mount
Image by Saito
Vixen XY Adapter for Astrophotography
XY Adaptor for use with your Guide Scope. The altitude and azimuth fine adjustment screws allow you to adjust the orientation of a guide scope by +/-6.5 degrees in each direction .Details

Vixen SLV Telescope Eyepieces
Vixen SLV Eyepieces
High Quality Lanthanum Glass
Clear high contrast images

StarGuy Alt Az Wood Mount
StarGuy Alt Az Pro Wood
Vixen Telescopes and Mounts
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Vixen Porta II Mount with Train and Track Motor

Vixen ED70 Binocular Telescope
Star Guy Alt Azwith Train and Track Motors
Vixen Telescopes and Mounts
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Vixen Telescopes and Mounts
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