Vixen A70Lf with Mini Porta Mount (Item #2602mini)

When I first started in amateur astronomy, I did as most beginners and purchased a department store telescope that advertised the most power. (700x I believe) Unfortunately, again like most beginners, I found that the advertised power was impossible due to the size of the telescope and more importantly the lack of stability of the mount.

Time and again I speak to parents and children who tell me how frustrated they are that after finding Saturn in a beginner telescope they can’t get a good view of the rings because the mount is too shaky or the telescope controls too difficult to adjust. I hear many tell me that they tried once many years ago and now the scope is sitting in a closet collecting dust!

Well it is Vixen Optics to the rescue! The Mini Porta Mount is an easy to use, light weight, stable mount. It has the vixen dove tail connection to easily attach your telescope and smooth friction bearing up-down / right-left hand controls.

If you are looking for the most affordable starting package, the A70Lf with Mini Porta Mount is the one. This package combines sharp optics and a rock solid, light weight mount. It takes just seconds to place the telescope on the mount and you are ready for an evening of observing.

     Clear Skies,


Vixen A70Lf with Porta Mount

Vixen Telescope/Mount Packages


Optical Design

Achromatic Refractor



Focal Length


Focal Ratio



Multi Coating

Resolving Power

1.66 arc sec

Limiting Magnitude


Light Gathering Power


Finder Scope

6x24mm  Finder; Field of View 5°

Adapter Thread

42mm/ For T-Ring

Visual Back

31.7mm Push Fit

Optical Tube Length

33.8” (860mm)

Optical Tube Diameter

3” (76mm)

Optical Tube Weight

4.2 lb


Mini Porta Altazimuth Mount


Aluminum 2 section adjustable; 70cm to 128cm

Mount Weight

10 lb including tripod

Load Capacity

8 lbs (Optical Tube diameter less than 119mm)

Vertical and Horizontal Slow Motion

1 Wheel Gears whole circle movement; Friction control system with tools for tension adjustment

Telescope Attachment

Dove Tail Plate


Slow Motion Handles (2), Dew/Sun Shield, Tube Rings, Dovetail Plate, Diagonal Prism, PL20mm; PL6.3mm; 31.7mm Erect Image Diagonal

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