Vixen A80Mf with GP2 Mount (Item #39502)

  Follow the stars with one of the smartest values in a telescope and mount combination package.  This package has the GP2 mount that, once aligned to Polaris, will help keep the movement of the stars centered in your field of view.  The A80Mf is an Achromatic Refractor with 80mm (3.2”) of aperture. Its focal length is 910mm (3 ft.) with an f ratio of 11.4. Its light gathering is 130 times better than the human eye and has a maximum (realistic) power of 144X. Weighing only 5.5 lbs, it is easily transported to your observing site for quick set up and viewing.

    A first step in becoming an amateur astronomer is understanding the movement of the stars as our Earth rotates.  This mount could be the last mount you ever need.   Coupled with the versatility of the A80Mf Achromatic Refractor optical tube, amateur astronomers will spend countless hours of enjoyable observing.

The GP2 equatorial mount, tripod and counterweight are included. It is easy to use and functions well for both the visual observer and astrophotograper. Motion is controlled by included control knobs for accurate slewing. The polar altitude adjustment varies from 0° to 62° in altitude. Optional single axis or dual axis motors and controllers are available as are a polar alignment scope and setting circles.

The A80Mf with GP2 Mount comes complete with:

  • A 80mm (3.2”) optical tube.
  • A smaller 6 power finder telescope that attaches to the main scope to help you center the object.
  • A 20mm eyepiece for general viewing.
  • A 6.3mm eyepiece for those really clear nights, for high power viewing.
  • A diagonal Prism that connects the eyepiece to the telescope.
  • A Dew / Sun shield.
  • A Complete tube rings and dovetail plate to quickly attach the A80Mf to the GP2 Mount
  • 5 Year Warranty
Vixen A80Mf and GP2 Mount

Item #39502

Vixen Telescope/Mount Packages 



Optical Design

Achromatic Refractor



Focal Length


Focal Ratio



Multi Coating

Resolving Power

1.45 arc sec

Limiting Magnitude


Light Gathering Power


Finder Scope

6x30mm  Finder; Field of View 7°

Adapter Thread

42mm/ For T-Ring

Visual Back

31.7mm Push Fit

Optical Tube Length

33.8” (860mm)

Optical Tube Diameter

3.5” (90mm)

Optical Tube Weight

5.5 lb


PL20mm; PL6.3mm; 31.7mm Erect Image Diagonal


GP2 Equatorial Mount


HAL130 Tripod

Tripod Weight

12 lb

Mount Weight

13  lb


8.15 lb (3.7kg)

Load Capacity

20 lbs

Power Requirements (Item 39503)


RA Slow Motion Axis

144tooth wheel gear – whole circle movement

DEC Slow Motion Axis

144 tooth wheel gear – whole circle movement

RA Graduations

Optional (Included in Polar axis scope)

DEC Coordinate Display

Optional (Included in Polar axis scope)

Polar Axis Scope


Altitude Adjustment

0 to 62 ° (2° increments)

Azimuth Adjustment

Double screw fine adjustment

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