Vixen R130Sf with GP2 Mount (ITEM #39592)

This lightweight 5” reflector is a favorite of many new astronomers. It features remarkable light gathering ability for its price and size. With a standard 20mm Plőssl, more than the entire moon fills the eyepiece. You’ll view innumerable star clusters and dark clouds, not to mention nebulas and galaxies. Add a 32mm eyepiece, and the heavens open up with a remarkable 2.5 degree field of view! All of the stars in the Pleiades can be viewed at the same time.

The R130Sf comes standard with the 6 x 30 finder, 2 eyepieces and dovetail tube plate that fits on all the Vixen mounts.The R130Sf attaches easily to the GP2 mount. The GP2 is an excellent choice for observers who want a simple, yet sturdy mount, with the ability to grow into a go-to system. Strong and lightweight, smooth and accurate tracking, are features that make Vixen's GP2 Equatorial Mount a platform for serious astronomers.You can use this package for visual as well as beginning astrophotography

Vixen R130Sf Telescope with GP2 Mount
Vixen R130 with GP2 Mount
ITEM #39592

The R130Sf with GP2 Package comes complete with:

  • R130Sf 5.1 inch f/5.0 Optical Tube
  • 6x30 finderscope
  • Finder Bracket
  • 1 1/4 ” eyepiece adapter
  • Eyepieces: PL20mm, PL6.3mm
  • Tube Rings
  • Dove-tail-plate
  • GP2 Mount with slow motion controls and tripod with locking extension legs

Optical Design

Parabolic Mirror Reflector



Focal Length


Focal Ratio



Multi Coating

Resolving Power

1.45 arc sec

Limiting Magnitude


Light Gathering Power


Finder Scope

6x30mm  Finder; Field of View 7°

Adapter Thread

42mm/ For T-Ring

Visual Back

31.7mm Push Fit

Optical Tube Length

22.6” (575mm)

Optical Tube Diameter

6.3” (160mm)

Optical Tube Weight

8.8 lb


PL20mm; PL6.3mm


GP2 Equatorial Mount


HAL130 Tripod

Tripod Weight

12 lb

Mount Weight

13  lb


8.15 lb (3.7kg)

Load Capacity

20 lbs

Power Requirements (Item 39593)


RA Slow Motion Axis

144tooth wheel gear – whole circle movement

DEC Slow Motion Axis

144 tooth wheel gear – whole circle movement

RA Graduations

Optional (Included in Polar axis scope)

DEC Coordinate Display

Optional (Included in Polar axis scope)

Polar Axis Scope


Altitude Adjustment

0 to 62 ° (2° increments)

Azimuth Adjustment

Double screw fine adjustment

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