VIXEN VC200L Reflector Telescope

The Vixen VC200L Telescope has been designed to be The Best Telescope for Astro Imaging.
  Vixen VC200L Telescope astrophotograpy Vixen VVC200L Telescope astrophotograpy Vixen VC200L Telescope astrophotograpy Vixen VC200L Telescope astrophotograpy  
Lefteris Velissaratos NGC 6559
NGC 891 NEW NGC4151 & 4145 Canes Venatici AGN (Eye of Sauron) Galaxy
Courtesy of David Berman M27
Courtesy of Drew Sullivan   
M51 by Terry Ostahowski Vixen VC200L Telescope astrophotograpy   Lorenzi's Horsehead Nebula Vixen VC200L Telescope astrophotograpy
M51 & M16 - Images Courtesy of Terry Ostahowski    Horsehead and M51- Courtesy of Marco Lorenzi

The VC 200L Reflector telescope is an 8" f/9.0 highly corrected, highly specialized telescope for astro imaging. Vixen's unique catadioptric design features a high precision sixth order aspherical primary mirror, a convex secondary mirror and triplet corrector lens. VISAC is an abbreviation for Vixen's Six-Order Aspherical Cassegrain. The primary mirror is held by a retaining ring, instead of hooks, to decrease flare and enhance contrast.

The VISAC System provides high-definition star images to the edge of a wide viewing field and offers exceptionally outstanding performance in astrophotography. Even at the edge of the 35mm film format (larger CCD chips) stars are sharp (smaller than 15 micrometers). This is smaller than the resolution of fine quality CCD cameras, which means that the telescope does not limit the image quality. With its elaborate aspherical optical design, it achieves excellent image correction throughout the large illuminated field. (42mm diameter fully illuminated) Astronomy Technology Review states: "The VC200L focuser is one of the smoothest I've ever tested...overall the visual image quality of the VC200L was quite impressive...and is a step up from the typical Schmidt-Cassegrain" Read the full review in Astronomy Technology Today. With the f/6.4 reducer you get much shorter exposure times. Vixen's Dual Speed Focuser and compression ring are included. Check out Drew Sullivan's Review and Chuck Hawks Review of the VC200L

Vixen VC200L Reflector
Made in Japan
ITEM #5870 Vixen NA140SSF Price: $1599

Vixen's VISAC System
Vixen VISAC System

Image by Lefteris Velissaratos

M81 Ultra Deep Core & Holmberg 9 Interaction
VISAC System

Optical Design
VISAC Aspherical Mirror Reflector
Focal Length
Focal Ratio
Back Focus (from rear edge of focuser body) 149.0mm
Back Focus with Reducer (from rear edge of reducer) 63.5mm
Multi Coated
Resolving Power
.58 arc sec
Theoretical Resolution
Limiting Magnitude
Light Gathering Power
Finder Scope
Adapter Thread
Prime Focus, Eyepiece Projection & Afocal Imaging
Visual Back
Compression Ring,
Dual Speed
Optical Tube Length
23.6” (600mm)
Optical Tube Diameter
9.1” (232mm)
Optical Tube Weight
13.2 lb
Dove Tail Mounting Rail; Carry Handle
Available Accessories
Flip Mirror Diagonal; 7x50 Finder Scope;


Vixen Moon Image by Lee DeCovnik
Lunar Photo by Lee DeCovnick using
Vixen's VC200L and Sphinx SXW Mount
Purchase Your VC200L with one of Vixen's Sphinx Mounts, All packages include Finder, Flip Mirror, and 2 Eyepieces
25077DS VC200L and Sphinx SX2 Mount More Info $3799 Vixen NA140SSF
25085DS VC200L and Sphinx SXD2 Mount More Info $4699 Vixen NA140SSF
25095DS VC200L and Sphinx SXP Mount More Info $5699 Vixen NA140SSF
Vixen VC200L Reflector Telescope and Sphinx SXD2 Equatorial Mount
VC200L Telescope Accessories
Photographic Accessory Diagram
Vixen Photographic Accessories
Vixen Focal Reducer
Vixen VC200 Case
Vixen T Rings
Vixen Digital Camera Adapter
Vixen Dual Speed Focuser
Visual Back diagram for Vixen's VC200L Telescope

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