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M27 by Michael Caligiuri

M16 by Michael Caligiuri Comet Lulin

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  Vixen NA140SSF Price: $1999 NOW $1699
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Vixen R200SS with Feather Touch Focuser
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  Vixen NA140SSF Price: $1999
M27 by Michael Caligiuri Details Here
M16 by Michael Caligiuri Details Here
Comet Lulin by Philip Neidlinger

See Michael's images of M51 and M65/M66

The remarkably fast 200mm (8") f/4 parabolic primary mirror of the Vixen R200SS Newtonian Reflector Telescope gives extremely sharp images, completely free of chromatic aberration. The primary mirror of he R200SS Telescope is produced with a unique aluminum vacuum evaporation technology to form high precision parabolic mirror. The use of state-of-the-art coating technology yields the ideal surface for its f/4 primary mirror. The visual observer will enjoy wide views of deep sky objects. Actual groups of nebula or clusters can be viewed at the same time with this instrument.

The telescope's large aperture and lightweight compact body make it ideally suited for astrophotography of nebulae, star clusters and comets. The use of the optional coma corrector allows for a sharp coma-free image from edge to edge, and the rack and pinion focuser, with an adapter, accepts 2 eyepieces.

The R200SS Newtonian Reflector Telescope features Vixen's compression ring and new Dual Speed Focuser for fine focus observing. Now Available with Feather Touch Focuser!

Steve Massey Carina Nebula Helix Nebula Omega Centauri Tarantula Nebula
Steve Massey Images - Carina Nebula Helix Nebula Omega Centauri Taraantula Nebula
Optical tube
200mm Parabolic, Multi Coated, Newtonian Optical Tube
Focal Length / F#
800mm F/4
Photo /Visual Back:
60mm, 42mm f or T ring /31.7mm
Back Focus w/o Reducer 72.5mm
Back Focus with Reducer 63.5mm
Not included
Not included
Star Diagonal and Finder Scope
Highest Useful Magnification
Limiting Stellar Magnitude
Resolving power
0.58 arc sec.
Light Gathering Power
Optical Coatings
Optical Tube Diameter/Length
Tube diameter 232mm (9.1 in) / Length 700mm (27.5 in)
Optical Tube Weight
11.7 lbs. / 5.3 kg.
Dovetail Plate, Tube Rings, 7x50 Finder ( Eyepiece not included)
Joe Stef Image 1 Joe's Thors Helmet Orion Nebula Adromeda Galaxy with Vixen R200Ss Telescope by Philip Neidlinger Comet Lovejoy
R200SS Images by Joe Stef Images by Philip Neidlinger with R200SS/GPDX/SS2KPC & Canon T2i - Orion Nebula - Adromeda - Comet Lovejoy

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R200Ss w/Sphinx SX2 Mount
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R200Ss w/Sphinx SXD2 Mount $4399
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R200SS w/Sphinx SXP Mount
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R200Ss Fork Mount attachment kit
Accessories for the R200SS Newtonian Reflector Telescope Extension Tube Vixen Light Baffle Hood Vixen R200Ss Coma Corrector Vixen Finder Scope
  Extension Tube
Vixen R200SS Accessories
Light Baffle Hood
Vixen R200SS Accessories
Dove Tail Plate
Vixen R200SS Accessories
Coma Corrector
Vixen R200SS Accessories
7x50 Finder Scope
Vixen R200SS Accessories
Fork Mount Attachment Kit
Vixen R200SS Accessories
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