VIXEN A80Mf Refractor Telescope

If you are looking to start out with something a little larger than a beginner telesscope or, need a better finder telescope for your large telescope, the A80Mf Refractor Telescope is the one to buy. Although it is just 10mm larger than its smaller cousin the A70Lf Telescope, this extra aperture will reveal more detail in solar system objects and the deep sky. I find myself using the 80mm size for terrestrial viewing of ships on the ocean or whale watching. With an optional sun projection accessory, I have viewed sun spots projected onto a white surface. (Of course NEVER look at the sun directly). The A80Mf Telescope, although inexpensive, is not a toy telescope. It has the same quality glass and exacting workmanship that goes into Vixen's much larger telescopes.
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Price: $249
Vixen A80Mf Refractor Telescope
Vixen A80Mf Refractor

A perfect telescope for the beginner astronomer or an ideal first telescope for a child. With Vixen's Universal Dove Tail system, this telescope can mount on any of the Vixen mounts. The A80Mf telescope is an Achromatic Refractor with 80mm (3.2”) of aperture. Its focal length is 910mm (3 ft.) with an f ratio of 11.4. Its light gathering is 130 times better than the human eye and has a maximum (realistic) power of 131X. It is easily transported to your observing site for quick set up and viewing. The A80Mf Refractor Telescope weighs about 5.5 lbs. and is covered by Vixen's 5 Year Warranty.

The A80Mf Telescope Specifications:

  • Optical Design

    Achromatic Refractor



    Focal Length


    Focal Ratio


    Resolving Power

    1.45 arc sec

    Limiting Magnitude


    Light Gathering Power


    Finder Scope

    6x30mm  Finder; Field of View 7°

    Adapter Thread

    42mm/ For T-Ring

    Visual Back

    31.7mm Push Fit

    33.8” (860mm)

    33.8” (860mm)

    Optical Tube Diameter

    3.5” (90mm)

    Optical Tube Weight

    5.5 lb


    PL20mm; PL6.3mm; 31.7mm Erect Image Diagonal; Dew / Sun shield. (Not for solar viewing);Complete tube rings and dovetail plate

Photographic Accessory Chart - Prime Focus Photography Vixen Photographic Accessories

Vixen A80Mf Telescope Visual Back Diagram

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