VIXEN ED103S Refractor Telescope

Vixen ED103S Telescope Astrophotography by James Riches
Pleiades (M45) by James Riches
ED103 on Sphinx SXD Mount- See More Images HereHere

The newly designed high definition ED lens in Vixen's ED103S Refractor Telescope gives excellent optical performance in a short optical tube for easy handling. Vixen's ED Achromatic Refractors feature "Super Low Dispersion Glass" in the objective lens. The SD Glass in Vixen's ED103S Refractor Telescope suppresses residual chromatic aberration far under the threshold of visibility producing sharp, high contrast images for both the visual observer and the astrophotographer. The new SD lenses feature brighter images from the shorter f/7.7 focal ratio and capture crisp, pinpoint star images for your eye’s enjoyment. Vixen's SD glass produces clear and high contrast viewing, virtually free of false color. The design uses environmentally friendly glass technology, free of hazardous lead that helps to support a cleaner global environment.

Vixen's new lenses focus the full visible spectrum of visible light to a critical point much more accurately than past ED products. The ED103S Refractor Telescope's lenses are almost free of chromatic aberration in all colors and are critically sharp edge to edge. The astro-photographer will be especially pleased with the high contrast images through this telescope. The ED103S Refractor Telescope comes complete with 90mm tube rings, compression ring, and Vixen Dual Speed Focuser. Manufactured in Japan; Dimensions: 115mm x 800mm/ 4.5 x 31.5 in; Weight: 3.6kg/ 7.9 lbs

Item #2606FT
Price: $2199
Vixen NA140SSF
Now Available: Vixen's ED103S Telescope with Feather Touch Focuser.
Vixen ED103S Telescope Vixen ED103S Telescope



Optical Design
ED Apochromatic Refractor
Focal Length
Focal Ratio
Multi Coating
Resolving Power
1.13 arc sec
Limiting Magnitude
Light Gathering Power
Finder Scope
Dual Speed
Back Focus (from rear edge of focuser body) 150.40mm
Back Focus with Reducer (from rear edge of reducer) 63.5mm
Adapter Thread
Prime Focus, Eyepiece Projection & Afocal Imaging
Visual Back
Compression Ring
Optical Tube Length
31.8” (585mm)
Optical Tube Diameter
4.5” (90mm)
Optical Tube Weight
Tube Rings;
Available Accessories
Flip Mirror Diagonal; Dovetail Plate; Finder Scope & Bracket; Carry Handle

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Vixen NA140SSF
Vixen ED103S Refractor Telescope w/ Sphinx SX2 Mount
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Vixen ED103S Refractor Telescope w/ Sphinx SXD2 Mount
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Vixen ED103S Refractor Telescope w/ Sphinx SXPMount
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ED103S Telescope Accessories ...Details Here
Vixen Focal Reducer
Focal Reducer
Vixen Telescope Accessories
Vixen Flip Mirror
Flip Mirror

Vixen Telescope Accessories
Vixen Universal Dovetail Plate
Universal Dove Tail Plate
Vixen Telescope Accessories
Vixen 7x50 Finder Scope
7x50 Finder

Vixen Telescope Accessories
vixen Carry Handle Carry Handle

Vixen Telescope Accessories

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