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Vixen Sports Optics - Binoculars and Spotting Scopes
Vixen Optics has a wide range of binoculars and spotting scopes for the outdoor enthusiast. From pocket size binoculars to tripod mounted models, we have just the right optics for you. Astromoners will find that the Foresta 7x50 and Ascot Super Wide Binoculars are a must have. Or, check out the new SG2.1x42 and Regalo 7x50, both made in japan with superb optics. Birders will find a selection of great binoculars for the best views. Our colorful binoculars are not only attractive, but useful. Waterproof, quality optics, great designs. Check out the Foresta HR Series Binoculars for crisp clear views or the rugged Atrek Series Binoculars. Vixen features Spotting Scopes made in japan of the highest quality glass. Mount easily onto your tripod or use our Porta II Mount with a plate for a solid observing platform. Vixen Optics also has a full line of eyepieces for your spotting scopes and cases for travel and storage.
Vixen Ascot Binoculars NE Vixen SG1.2x42 Binocular
Vixen Regalo 7x50 Binocular
Vixen Ascot 10x50 Superwide
Sky & Telescope "Hot Product and Astronomy " Star Product" $169
New SG21.x42 Binocular

Vixen Regalo 7x50
Made in Japan

Vixen Monocular
Opera Glasses   Vixen Joyful Binoculars Vixen Porro Prism Binoculars
$59.95 - $269
Opera Glasses
$9.95 - 35.95
Joyful Series
$29.95 - $49.95
Super Compact Zoom Binoculars
Vixen Colorful Waterproof Binocular
Compact Zoom  Binoculars
Atrek Binoculars
Vixen Ascot Binoculars
Vixen Geoma Binoculars
Foresta Binoculars
Vixen New High Resolution Binoculars
Vixen Geoma II Spotting Scopes
Vixen Sports Optics Accessories
Vixen Geoma II ED Spotting Scopes
Vixen Nature Eye Telescope
Digiscoping with Vixen Spotting Scopes
Handy Eye
Nature Eye
Digiscoping Diagrams
Vixen Birding Binoculars Vixen Binoculars
Birding Binoculars Sports Optics Spec Sheet

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