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Updating STAR BOOK Type-S to ver.1.2 Build 35 -SKYPOD-

October 29, 2007

 You can update the current program in the STAR BOOK Type-S controller used on the SKYPOD mount here

 Brief of the Update Program

  Ver.1.2 Build35

  • Go-to function for comets and go-to speed control are available.
  • Display settings for bright stars and Messier objects are available.

    (This update program is applicable only to the STAR BOOK Type-S controller.)


Contents of the program in Ver.1.2 Build 35


■ Go-To Function for Comets
 Go-to system can be implemented for comets by entering the comet's orbital elements available to the public.

Instructions for Comet Go-To Function

■ Go-To Speed Control
 The speed of celestial go-to system can be reduced to about 1/2 of the original speed. It reduces the noise generated when go-to function is performed.

≫ Instructions for Go-To Speed Control

■ Display Settings for Bright Stars and Messier Objects
 The display settings for bright stars and Messier objects can be changed. You can select from "Display", "Hide" and "Zoomed Display".

≫ Instructions for Display Setting

Error Correction in Build29
 In the initial edition Ver.1.2 Build29 of STAR BOOK Type-S, an alignment error has been found to occur when the latitude of observing location changes. This problem should be solved by installing Ver.1.2 Build35. When the value of latitude or longitude of observing location is changed after installation, STAR BOOK Type-S will be turned off automatically with the new setting stored. For continuous use, reboot STAR BOOK Type-S.


Notices for updating to Ver.1.2 Build35

  1. All the programs will be installed together. It is not possible to install them separately.
  2. For a part of this software, eCos is used. Users have a right to acquire the source code derived from eCos on the basis of a eCos license. For further information, contact Vixen Co., Ltd., Japan.


 Vixen Co., Ltd. and Vixen’s international distributors assume no liability whatsoever for any damage caused by using or installing this update. Installation and use are at the customers’ risk, unless Vixen Co., Ltd. and Vixen’s international distributors recognize a defect in the software.

Updating Procedure

Before you begin

  • For updating, use new batteries on STAR BOOK Type-S. On the PC which is used for data forwarding, a stable power supply should be used. If the power supply is turned off during the updating process, you may fail to reboot STAR BOOK Type-S. In such cases, contact a dealer to request a repair. You will be charged with repair cost. (Please be advised that all the setup data may be initialized during the repair.)
  • The network setting of the PC may have to be changed to update the program. It is advisable to save the original settings before beginning updating so that they can be retrieved after updating.
  • The current settings in STAR BOOK Type-S, such as Latitude/Longitude of observing location, may be initialized during updating. So, it is advisable to take a note or save the settings before you start updating.

Required Items

  1. STAR BOOK Type-S Controller
  2. New AAA Alkaline Batteries (4 pieces)
  3. PC which is used for data forwarding (If LAN is not available, use a LAN card.)
  4. Crossover LAN Cable

Required PC Operating Environment


Microsoft Windows 98SE, ME, XP Home Edition, or XP Professional

  ・Web Browser

Internet Explorer 5.0 or upper


Pentium II 400MHz or upper


128MB or more (For Windows XP, 256MB or more)



Download Procedure

One-to-one connection of STAR BOOK Type-S and PC.

 This procedure is for a one-to-one connection of a STAR BOOK Type-S controller and a PC.

(If you are connecting a STAR BOOK Type-S controller directly to a LAN environment or a router, click below.)

1. Before connecting the STAR BOOK Type-S controller to the PC, download the STAR BOOK Type-S update programs through one of the following.

For Windows XP
>> SbsUpdate35.exe
For Windows 98SE,ME
>> SbsUpdate35j.exe

2. Before turning on power, connect the STAR BOOK Type-S controller to the PC with a crossover LAN cable.

 ・N.B. 1

About how to connect a crossover LAN cable, refer to the PC manual.

 ・N.B. 2

Attach the crossover LAN cable to the LAN terminal of the STAR BOOK Type-S controller securely. Do not attach it to the MOUNT terminal. The wrong attachment may damage the controller.

3. Turn on the STAR BOOK Type-S controller.

4. Turn on the PC.

5. Wait for one minute while the PC and STAR BOOK Type-S acquire the network information automatically.

6. After selecting "About STAR BOOK Type-S" from the menu on STAR BOOK Type-S, make sure that the following information is displayed

  • IP Address:169.254.a.b (a,b are arbitrary numbers.)
  • SubNet Mask:

7. Double click on the data downloaded before (such as Build30.exe) to start the program

8. Enter the IP address of STAR BOOK Type-S as acquired in 6 and press “OK”.

   <Ex.> For →

9. Wait for a few minutes until you see a pop-up as shown on the left. Click “OK”.

10. Turn off STAR BOOK Type-S. For rebooting, turn on it. Select “About STAR BOOK Type-S” from the menu of STAR BOOK Type-S and make sure that the version number is updated.

11. Completion (If you made any change of setting on the PC, turn back to the original setting.)


 If updating is unsuccessful with the above procedure, change the setting of the PC following the procedure below.

  (N.B. For Windows XP, administrator authorization is required.)

  <Confirming IP Address for Windows XP>

  1. Control Panel - Network and Internet Connection - Network Connection
  2. Select the icon for Local Area Connection
  3. Click on “Display Network Information” shown on the left.
  4. Click on “Support”.

  Confirm the following in the dialog box.

  • IP Address:169.254.a.b(a,b are arbitrary numbers)
  • Subnet Mask:

If you see different values, it may not be set to “Obtain the IP address automatically”. Change the setting with the following procedure so that the IP address can be obtained automatically.

  1. In Control Panel, select “Network and Internet Connection - Internet Option”.
  2. Select “Connection Tab - LAN Settings”.
  3. Make sure that the check box for “Use Proxy Server for LAN” in the lower center is unchecked. If the box is checked, uncheck it. (Do not forget to check the box again after completion of the updating.)
  4. Move on to the above 6.

  < Confirming IP Address for Windows98SE, ME >

  1. Select “Run” in the start menu.
  2. Enter “winipcfg” and click “OK”.
  3. Select an appropriate LAN card that communicates with STAR BOOK Type-S in the pull-down menu, and confirm the following settings.
  • Automatically Set IP Address:169.254.c.d (c,d are arbitrary numbers.)
  • Subnet Mask:

  4.  If the settings are correct, move on to the above 6.

If you see different values, it may not be set to “Obtain the IP address automatically”. Change the setting with the following procedure so that the IP address can be obtained automatically.

  1. In Control Panel, select “Network”.
  2. Select “TCP/IP->LAN card communicating with STAR BOOK Type-S” in the pull-down menu in the current network component (N). Then press “Properties”. A dialog box, "TCP/IP Property” will open.
  3. Select the IP address tab, and press the button, “Obtain the IP address automatically” (O).
  4. Press OK twice and disconnect the network.
  5. A dialog box asking to restart will appear. Press “Yes”.
  6. Move on to the above 6.

■ Connecting to LAN environment or router

 If STAR BOOK Type-S is connected to a LAN environment or a router that has a DHCP server, it will acquire the network address from the DHCP server automatically at the startup. Execute the followings. (If a DHCP server does not exist, execute the procedure for a one-to-one connection.)

  1. Connect STAR BOOK Type-S to a LAN environment or a router.
  2. Turn on power of STAR BOOK Type-S.
  3. Go to the procedure 6 of the one-to-one connection.


(If the LAN environment or the router setting is unknown, contact the network administrator or the manufacturer of the router.


Microsoft、Windows is the registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

Pentium is the registered trademark of Intel Corporation.

Copyright (C) 1997-2007 Vixen Co.,Ltd All Rights Reserved.

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