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Vixen Optics Celestial Images
New Images taken with Vixen's ED80Sf and VC200L - Thank you to Lynn Laux and Jason Boyce!
Rosetta Nebula by Lynn Laux Lynn Laux - M42 Jason Boyce - M10 Jason Boyce- M51 Jason Boyce M92
Terry Ostahowski images using his VC200L .. See larger images Here.
    M16 by Terry Ostahowski M22 by Terry Ostahowski  
CCD Images from Grant Blanchard....Click on each image for more information
Bubble Nebula Bubble Flaming Star Nebula
Horsehead Nebula
  M8 - Lagoon Nebula M78 Region in Orion
Rosette Nebula
CCD Images from Jim Burnell...Click here for descriptions and New Images
Antennae Galaxy
Whirlpool M108 Spiral Galaxy Horsehead Nebula


NGC 4565   NGC 3372 - Eta Catarina  
CCD Images from Stuart J. Heggie ..See larger images Here.
  M106_LRGB M101_LRGB M81_LRGB_VC200L_V2  


CCD Images from Manfred Wasshuber larger images Here.
M64 M94 m76  


CCD Images from Felippo Ciferri...Click here for descriptions and larger images
NGC 7023 NGC 7635 NGC 891 NGC 281 Horsehead Nebula
CCD Images from Paul LeFevre...Click here for descriptions and larger images
Crab Nebula M20 M51    
CCD Image of NGC4565 Taken with the R200SS by Warren Keller

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