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2018 Vixen Catalog in PDF format

2016 Vixen Binocular and Spotting Scope Catalog in PDF Format

Older Catalogs:

2014 Vixen Catalog

NEW - Vixen Red Light App for your Iphone/Ipad or Google device. You can also simply do a search in the appstore for "vixen co.,ltd."

Vixen also has a current comet location APP, that is free, called "Comet Book". It can be found in the Appstore as well.


Choose the update for the appropriate STAR BOOK. STAR BOOK TEN is for the SXD2, SXP, and Atlux Mounts. STAR BOOK is for the Sphinx SXD and SXW Mounts. STAR BOOK S is for the Vixen GP Mount series.

STARBOOK TEN update 5.0

Update for SXW and SXD Mounts:

STARBOOK Update 2.7 (SXW)

STARBOOK S Update 2.7

ASCOM Drivers for Starbook 10

Instructions and ASCOM drivers


SXP Mount

SXD2 Mount

SX2 Mount